Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I've said it before and I'll say it again- I am predjudice. I'm prejudice against people who don't seem to do a very good job thinking. I'm not against people who just are incapable of thinking, just those who can and choose not to.

I've been watching the news. I flit between the three major "cable news" networks. I devour. I listen to both sides but I'm developing a real attitude toward some of those folks who seem to support the politcal realities in Lebanon. Either they don't do a good job of explaining their position or they think I am (the vewing public) just stupid.

Let's see the UN agreement a couple of years ago said that Hezbollah was supposed to be disarmed. Lebanon agreed to that. It wasn't done. They took some Israeli hostages and fired missles. When Israel hit back they go screaming to the UN like a little child.

I watched the Syrian abassador on tv. He said something to the effect, "Hezbollah is not targeting Israeli civilians." Sounds noble right? Sounds like something that everyone supports. What he doesn't say is THEY CAN'T target with their weapons! THey just launch them, they go up and they come down somewhere! Damn right they aren't targeting. They CAN'T TARGET. And then they get upset because the Israelis are targeting points. Unfortunately some of those targets are right nextdoor to civilians. I'm sorry but if I live next door to a missle storage room I'd have the place for sale!

I am not dumb. I don't think. I recently read the Quran. I guarantee you that I could NEVER be a convert to that religion! It would be like taking a GIANT step backwards. And I'm not a Christian or a Jew! The writings of "mohammed" are ramblings at best and if he was a prophet God was having a bad hair day when he spoke to mohammed.

OK I admit it. THis sounds like a rant. It is a rant. I just feel INSULTED by some of the "apologists" for the Muslim people. I have not had a lobotomy. Don't speak to me as if you're arguements are true and suportable. The Israelis have lots of faults but they don't hold a candle to the nonsense the Mulims are trying to sell.