Monday, July 10, 2006

Extra Credit

School time!

That's right boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, students and dunces, and anything else that goes bump in the night.

Here is a handy site to use when you want to get into arguements with your religious brethren:

Don't miss the links to the BIble (Old and New Testament) and the Book of Mormon!

Now I'm wondering why they don't have pages relaying the "contradictions" in Buddhist literature? Maybe because Buddhist don't think that they aren't some special super select chosen people. Of course the basis of Buddha's teaching that everything changes sort of pulls the rug from those who want to give the teachings special import and those who want to condemn the teachings.

What a hoot. But remember, next time some radical Muslim gets wound up you have a resource to refute him. (I'd say her but then the Quran says that women are only half as good as men.