Friday, July 07, 2006

Getting around

Went to the ocean over the holidays. Some folks say "beach". Some folks say "outer banks". Some folks say "shore." So I choose to say I went to the "ocean" even though that isn't technically correct either. Well, for an hour or so I was in the ocean. Nice temperature. It was around 76 degrees. Comfortable. Not fridgid. Not temperate. The little bear would have been tempted to say just right. But then isn't tghat what the NC coast is? just right.

We went to a "Fourth Festival" in Southport too. Nice small town. Parade with fire engines and horses and the other facets of small town rural life. They had an arts and crafts festival. Nice to walk around and just look. I like to observe. I observe what other people are looking at and what other people are buying. I also watch what they are eating. We went to an art gallery too. There are times when I get right on the cusp of dragging out art materials and trying my hand.

We went to a patriotic concert that a friend was singing in. Nice to hear folks having such fun just singing. Of course some might be tempted to say "well they were singing the old tunes." True but I don't think much of some of the new tunes. It'sw not because I don't try. I've tried to see what the allure of hip-hop and rap is but much as I try it just doesn't make me want to listen to more. I can say the same for some of the other more "modern" rock. I'd rather listen to an old time blues player on slide guitar than listening to a teen sound like he's in garbage can relieving his angst.

I like the layer of melody, lyrics with meaning, and dexterity of playing a musical instrument. Banging three chords with vigor and screaming doesn't cut it for me. That's probablythe reason I'm listening to more "country-western" that really isn't country-western. Of course some of those lyrics don't reflect my mindset either.

But getting back to the point. We really enjoyed visiting with friends. Great food, an incredible home, wonderful conversations, and a real at home feel. What more can you ask for when visiting? Heck, we even watched fireworks.