Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Funny thing about mountains, if you wake up real tired and want to climb to the top of the mountain, it doesn't feel sorry for you and get smaller.

Of course, we all know that's true of most of the world. Inanimate objects don't give a hoot about feelings. I doubt that anumals really do. Humans get caught up with our feelings and the way we think others think about us.

The other day someone claimed that all of the world religions could "claim" a country that had an atom bomb. It's amazing what some people go out on a limb to say.

This person even mentioned Buddhism. To the best of my knowledge there isn't a Buddhist country that has the big bomb. Heck, even Israel having one is educated guessing.

I thought about asking the person to prove the statement. I figured he wouldn't want to get a few feet smaller so I could walk over him. I just let him go his way. It's easier to figure he's really an inanimate object.