Friday, July 14, 2006

Vote for None of the above!

I’m frustrated.

I do not believe our current political leaders have done enough to insure that the United States a better country in which to live or succeed. Republicans, Democrats,and a few Independents have failed us.

I believe they attempt to show leadership by addressing peripheral issues. They don’t want to address the important issues.

Will laws against flag desecration serve the American people better than balancing the budget or addressing healthcare? Will marriage amendments make the country stronger than a secure border? Will stopping Internet gambling do more to strengthen our economy than addressing our balance of trade? Will forgiving a “witch” three hundred years after the fact help with curbing gang violence in the Commonwealth?

And we blindly follow their lead as if we don’t have enough sense to come in out of the “reign.”

We are supposed to have faith in a democratic system. If the “second” party can’t field strong candidates (Yes, Democrats, you.) and so few registered voters actually vote what does that say about the candidates? What does that say about the process?

We are fighting a war in another part of the world and yet we are losing a silent war at home. What constitutes this silent war? Healthcare, Education, help for the problems of the elderly, creation of good career employment (not just jobs),secure borders and enforced laws. It is our infra-structure and our economic viability in a global economy. Our children and grandchildren will be the victims of this war. And that is for starters.

We are bamboozled by politicians. When federal money spending is reduced we often find states trying to pick up the slack. When states raise taxes we complain. When states reduce spending the localities try to bear the burden and again we hear complaints. Ultimately, someone will suffer something when spending is cut. Politicians just don’t want to be blamed. And yet these very same politicians hide their “ear-marked” spending, their backroom deals and their creative bookkeeping. They show up on sound-bites for emotional issues instead.

And, we the voters lose the game but vote for more of the same. We wear a “kick me” sign and complain when we get kicked by the same politicians.

We are in quicksand and our current politicians and candidates scream “Forward march!” Perhaps we need to pause and better decide what direction we really should choose. Quicksand will kill you if you don’t deal with it correctly.

I’m sorry but I think the Republicans and Democrats just want to march us into the muck and when we get there they’ll blame each other. Muck is muck. We need to get out of it even if we leave a few politicians behind. Maybe it’s time we get to vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE. When nobody wins maybe we’ll get better leadership.