Sunday, August 20, 2006

Return on Investment

ROI is one of those darn business terms.

Heck, even the Beatles tossed it in our face in their song "The End":

And in the end
THe love you take
is equal to the love
You make.

I'm sitting here right not juggling a few thoughts through my mind. Between the weather and listening to some "formula" C&W music I'm wondering about what I'm doing.

I'm walking away. Well, that's not true. I'm not walking and away is a relatyive term. I made an investment in a friendship and slowly, it just sort of fizzled like a cheap firework from an illegal fireworks stand. THe picture on the box promised this big flash of color and as time went by it just sort of sputtered. Heck, even the smell of the fizzle wasn't that good.

I admit it. I think I over invested. So there is a part of me that sees the turn of events as a rejection of me. When I was younger I didn't particularly care for the dance of dating. I through my ego into that mixer and usually ended up shaken and not stirred.

I didn't expect much to start with. I thought "well heck, this person is an artist, maybe we can find a common interest to discuss. I miss the times when I'd sit up until dawn drinking cheap wine with friends and discuss beauty.

But back to my feelings.

I told this person to have a good life and all of that. Silence.

Hell, I didn't even rate a good, "to hell with you in return."