Monday, August 28, 2006

Rubbing the wrong way

If I remember my science classes correctly we took a piece of fur and an amber rod and rubbed to create static electricity. If that wasn't enough there was alway a static generator. Snap! A spark of wonderful proportions.

But a lot of folks just seem to rub each other the wrong way. When that happens both parties sit on the sidelines and point at the other person for being out of step with reality. Of course, you might as well have the blind leading the blind. I giggle. That's the way we extract ourselves from oddity, we let the blind lead the blind. Time to get off the bus! Another laugh!

And life goes on.

I'm listening to a streaming radio station from Britain, wondering how a friend is doing in New Zealand, just changed the oil in my America auto, and I get ready to visit New Jersey. I eat an English muffin from Pennsylvania. And some folks wonder why there are times when I wish I am someplace else.

I ws thinking about another person and the hubris that marks her life. Every time I tried to figure out where she really was she'd twist the kaleidscope and fractured bits of mirror scattered any posibility of image. One thing really bugged me about her- I never knew who she really was. And for an engineer trapped in a humanist's body that really hurt and befuddled me. Shhhh, I think she wants to maintain her domain over others. I'm trying to reach escape velocity as we speak.


That's right boys and girls of the peanut gallery, humor. If you can't laugh then your life is just an empty shell rattling with the wind. Laugh, damn it. Laugh. If you don't laugh then at least smirk.