Monday, September 18, 2006


Monk Ki sits in the sun soaking up the rays of an autumn sun. He knows that soon the cold winds of winter will be blowing around his robes. A butterfly balances on the bloom of a butterfly bush nearby.

A new student has recently interupted the routine. All of the students secretly assess the new students; no one mentions it but they do.

Some students look at the student and think of anatomy. They wonder whether the student's knees or back will beg for release first. New students always try so hard not to squirm.

Other students approach the student from a mathematical point of view. Statisically speaking a student of that age, background, and sex typically has x percent chance to survive the first month. Add the factor of winter cold and the food and the chance decreases.

Monk Ki wonders what Master Ho Ha thinks when a new student arrives.

The butterfly hesitates for a moment and is pushed back ever so slightly by the breeze. It flies off.

Perhaps there is a correlation.