Friday, September 29, 2006

One thing leads to another

The garage had that slight odor that says, moisture. So I decided to tackle it.

The garage is really my workshop. It hasn't seen a car for decades. One of the walls has been staying damp especially after heavy rains. WE've had a couple of heavy rains, recently.

So I decided that I'd waterproof the wall better. Sounds like a simple coat of waterproofing paint. Yeah, well, that's not my world.

So today I finished building a new heavy-duty work bench, a storage cabinet and cleaning and painting the wall. Of course there was the prep work first. And tonight I was adding to the electrical circuit. The wall is waterproofed. The workbench isd complete. The storage cabinet halrf finished waitihng to see how best to arrange the shelves.
Tomorrow a stop by the hardware store for a cover for the new switch for the new overhead light fixture. The wires aree roughed in as of tonight.

Of course along the way I had to make a few other minor mods in the workspace, unclog the dust collector on the tablesaw and so that's the way my days go. One thing leads to another.