Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Size does matter

Who says size doesn't matter? I found out just yesterday that it does.

A friend helped me cut down a cabinet. Darned if we didn't miss by a half an inch. So two thirds of the cabinet is one size (depth) and the other third is a half inch smaller.

My eagle eyed wife caught the error within thirty seconds of seeing it. Granted one side was a half inch a way from the wall while the other dide was hard and fast against the base board. I offered to take the darn thing apart and get my friend to help me cut it all over again. So what if that would take about six hours? Anything to make her happy, right?

She said that she'd learn to live with it. After all it is a cabinet that holds clothes in our closet. It's not like anyone will see it.

So size does matter but some women just say, "I'll learn to live with it."