Tuesday, October 24, 2006


There are times when a song (lyric) just whacks me up beside the head. I wish I'd said that. Sitting here listening to the lattest from Jimmy Buffett. He's got this one song called "Whoop de doo" (check the spelling if you really want to make sure it's on the Take the Weather with you...)

I don't carry on the way I used to
Whoop De Doo
Whoop De Doo

Got these slight twinges this AM probably for climbing up the ladder to the roof yesterday as if I was some addle-brained twenty year old. Think I'm going to learn? No way. I'll keep on thinking that I'm younger than I am.

An old cat has been looking for the sun in our yard in the early morning. Nobody around knows whose cat it is. It's looking for the sun to get warm in about the time I'm scuttling to make my first cup of hot coffee. Fire in the belly and all of that. Cat looks cold and old. I wonder what the cat would think if it saw me peering out of the window?

Made a jerk chicken last night. Of course, I left out any "sweeteners" because someone around here doesn't like sweet overtones on her food. I make a Carolina BBQ sauce heavier on the vinegar than a Kansas City one with some brown sugar. Everyone has to adjust a bit. I do it with flavorings in the kitchen. Took a package of Ramen Noodles and crushed it. Next thing you know I've got the bits and pieces bubbling away in some butter turning a nice golden brown before tossing in rice and then the flavor pack and some water and extra parsley. Who needs Rice a Roni when it's so easy.

I'm convinced that our current crop of politicians are being paid under the table by comedians. The comedy folks don't even have to hire writers. Just cut and paste politician speak. What a hoot. Between the Administration and the Congress is it any wonder that folks in the rest of the world think we are ALL the ugly Americans. News reported yesterday that the Insurance folks have spotted a trend that Speed LImits nationwide have been creeping up. JUst what we need: faster speed limits. The faster we go the more fuel we use. Remember the 1970's when we REDUCED speed limits to cut our fuel consumption? So let's go faster, Iran needs more money.