Wednesday, October 25, 2006


So I found myswelf outside digging holes. Darn garden shops and their Autmn Sales. But hey, nice guy that I am I always volunteer for shovel duty. Fresh air, fresh compost, and old tools. So a couple of hours later I've got dirt well ground into the knees of my jeans, the new plants are in and well-watered, and the wheel barrow is stowed away. THe compost pile needs refreshing and the oak leaves are dying to make their presence known.

Neighbors are busy too. One of them has heavy equipment in working on rebuilding a drain field and the guy across the street has chain saws whining. Others are setting up Halloween junk. I can't remember my neighbors as a kid decortating houses. OK, may the occassional Jack-O-Lantern but not the grandiose stuff the stores are selling. Heck, some stores have costumes for adults. Right, I can dress as a Nerd and my wife can dress as a witch. I suggested a skimpy pirate costume but she threw the evil eye at me and I knew that witch was a better fit.

And to think that I got up early just to make hummus for her to take for her jaunt to the Outer Banks with her friends. So I have left over chili to eat and a computer to keep me warm. I ripped into some scenery on the railroad. Maybe I ought to document the mess with a camera shot or two. Why not? It was easier digging those holes than the ones in the yard.