Friday, October 27, 2006

SAy what you will

This morning I nearly spewed my first cup of coffee across the den. The television was spouting the latest and greatest from Virginia's Senator George Allen campaign against Webb. Who are they kidding?

They had finally read a few of the books that he wrote decades ago. These were books of fiction. They were insinuating that because the fiction was "insensitive" then so was Jim Webb. There they go, treading into another area that I know a little bit about.

First, Jim Webb is not a bad fiction writer. He has written several books (want to guess who has read a few of them?) . He also served in Vietnam. He colored some of his fiction with some of the things he SAW or heard in Vietnam. This doesn't mean he was an active participant in these acts. War (unfortunately) does funny things to some human beings (which aren't that funny.) Some fiction writers actually use their writing to attempt to make sense of the world they experience.

So the George Allen bunch have no problem voting to send anyone to any war anywhere anytime but no one better ever think about writing about it especially in fiction. That is insensitive!

Yeah right! Like calling a citizen of the United States "macaca" shows real sensitivity. At least Jim Webb writes fiction. He doesn't live in a make believe world where weapons of mass destruction are under every rock, folks laugh off name calling because it's just a good old boy thing, and supporting a bad President long enough will re-write history.

Jim Webb DESERVES the vote of every voter in Virginia. He knows the difference between fiction and reality.

Jim Webb believes that Senators MUST understand the issues. He believes that all men can change their mind based on the information they have learned. He believes that the military should be run by the military and not a bunch of legislators. He wants basic health care for all citizens. He thinks that the era of Pork Barrel spending should stop. He believes that taxes are necessary to offset government spending.

I sure hope George Allen tries his hand at fiction after he loses this election - though if it reflects his shallow view of the world it probably won't become a best seller. Gee, George, don't you know anything about making products that people want to BUY?