Saturday, October 28, 2006

Working on the railroad

I've been working on the railroad. But not the whole day long.

First I thought I was ready for plaster and mixed it up. Put it down. It hardened and then I looked at my old maps. Maybe the Building supply yard was too high (elevation-wise) so I ripped out a section.

That's why you see the blue and black insulation board behind the coal ramp. That blue "thing" in the foreground is where a wooden bent coal trestle will eventually be assembled. It was at least 80 feet long and probably close to twenty-five feet tall constructed of heavy timbers. I bought the last package of properly sized styrene strip at the hobby shop yesterday. Next photoes will hopefully show that the gaping hole has been "filled" and some color is beginning to creep back in. I will not be creating this scene in seven days.