Saturday, November 11, 2006

Good old days

Don't get me started. I like history. I watch the History Channel and I haven't met a battlefield that I won't stop at if someone wants to. We all know my penchant for steam locomotives. I', sorry though, I'm not one of those guys that likes to sit around and talk about the "good old days."

There is nothing like a working steam locomotive. I know how many parts are involved and how much labor is involved to keep them going. I'll drive out of my way to see one in operation but you won't here me talking about the "good old days." Labor was cheap and it was dirty and often dangerous work. Back them folks didn't have our spectrum of antibiotics and a cold could kill you.

There is nothing that will get me to enter into self-imposed silence quicker than to park my rear in a chair with a buch of folks talking about how they wish things now were like they were back then. Forget it.

Time moves on. We change. Talk about the good old days. There was a time that I weighed a lot less too but I'd like to think that I wasn't as smart back then. There was a time when heating oil was cheaper too but all things considered I'd rather live now.

I'd rather eat the diet I'm eating now and not what they were eating a hundred years ago.

I have no problem honoring history. I have no problem keeping parts of history vibrant but I'm not going to fool myself. Things are better now. Nope I don't want to return to the good old days.