Sunday, November 12, 2006

It's raining

Blame it on the rain. I'm going to continue a bit more.

I noted this AM that my current desktop wallpaper is a picture of Luna Park at Coney Island. (As I write this the sump pump cut on at 1:54 PM (yay just ten seconds))

My picture is not a fond look back at the park. Heck, I have never been there. I did do some research about the place when I was thinking about setting a story there. It was (to some degree) a magnificent sham. I was more impressed by the way it was constructed and the way it attracted people.

It was shoddy construction. When you look at the photographs and pictures it looks like some grand place. Most of the buildings were cheap construction covered with plaster. They may have looked like stone and masonary but they were lath and plaster. And when the fires hit they burned the ground. People were drawn to them for cheap thrills, cheap food, and the idea tht others were having a good time too. Maybe those folks really were our forefathers. We've been trying to catch up with them ever since.

My cheap thrills come from looking at pictures of steam locomotives on the Internet. Toss in a few peanut butter crackers (homemade none of those store bought concoctions for me!) and that covers the cheap food. As for others having a good time. That's you the reader. (snicker)