Thursday, November 16, 2006

My pump runneth over

The sump pump I installed a year or so ago has been active today. We've had lots of rain. The house is almost 40 years old. Had a sump hole but never a pump until I put it in. Of course that was after the near "disaster" of a tropical depression camping overhead.

I did dig the hole deeper before I installed the pump. Maybe a foot deeper. Imagine me lying on my belly pulling out tin cans full of dirt and loading them into a bucket for disposal outside. Anyway, when I here the pump run I wonder how many times we almost had problems and never knew it?

Of course since the back of the house is at ground level the water would never have been deep enough to swim in. It would be deep enough to ruin stuff. I like to hear the pump run. I know I'm not getting closer to having to bail.