Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another Christmas Passed

Standing on this side of the date I can look back at another Christmas. I'm getting older. I know that. We hosted a dinner last night. I guess you could say most of the people there are related to me; that is not to say we relate to each other well but we do manage to co-exist in close proximity.

The meal went well but for the second week in a row I managed to forget the feta cheese on the salad. This is either indicative that I wasn't thinking about it when I was tossing it- I'm getting forgetful- I didn't give a rip- or I needed to make a mistake that someone could point out later. Maybe I'll put Feta on my breakfast oatmeal and just laugh it off.

I'm happy to report that I don't feel as old as some of the guests in attendance looked and acted. Of course my wife introduced some facets of my family to here sister with the words: "the freak show is about to begin." Of course there is a grain of truth in that statement. OK, more than a grain of truth- half a truckload. I was "tempted" by someone to offer a moment of silence for the passing of James Brown (the godfather of soul) but feared that I might end the moment with "I feel good- dunna dunna dunna." And I'm sure a few folks wondered why I didn't invoke a few religious names but I just gave a quick "grace full" moment and suggested we eat before the food got cold. And then we "broke the bread" and passed the mushrooms. After the repast we ate kugel and I had to run downstairs to check the net as to what the history of it is. The person who cooked it just said, "it's what we always ate the time of year."

So now the fine dinnerware is washed and safely enscounced in safety for another period of reprieve. The fridge is full of leftovers, the guests have departed, the gift packaging neatly sorted into trash, recycle, use, and store.

Other highlights included: a visit from one son (and close friend) who managed to escape before the "freak show began", a call from another son somewhere in Israel ("and if I told you you would be surprised" which had us guessing absurd spots like Gaza Strip) and our other son is here and went out to a bar after the family left. I think he went to forget the dinner and talk with his friends about their lives.

Today, I'm listening to sevral long gone musicians and trying to find something that captures my imagination. So sing on Charlie Patton, play on Roy Buchanan and rock on James Brown.

Over and out.