Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Imus in the morning. Huckabee pushing his book. He made sense. Must get the book and read it. At first glance I think I could vote for him if he runs for President. A Republican from Arkansas and a Baptist minister! I know the world is topsy-turvy.

Buddhist thought of the day: "Appreciate Your Life." When you boild it down that's a pretty good summary of past, present and future.

President Bush speaks tonight about things already discussed and dissected by the talking heads. Maybe instead of listening to him I'll listen to real Talking Heads. Their album "Stop Making Sense" seems appropriate. Start with the driving beat of "Pscho Killer."

I must find time and inclination to go to DC sometime and visit the now old but recently new museum for American Indians. I wonder if there are any Cds of Plains Indians chanting?

Feeling creative but I want to explore something different. Hmmm a big chunk of granite and a hammer and chisel. Make lots of stones for the driveway.

Is there a way to break through the mist? Yes, let the global warming continue. If it gets hot enough, no mist. Problem solved.

I've never seen a limerick about the serious death of a person. I wonder if one has been written? Whole new avenue of poetry- serious limericks. Nothing to laugh at.

Can today's leaders have humanity? After all, humanity has problems with today's leaders.

I think I'll go eat a sour pickle.