Monday, January 15, 2007


What is the news, really?

First thing out the gate this morning, I turned on the television and sat sown with the newspaper and a cup of coffee. Imus was in rerun mode. I guess he might be sick or iced in. I didn't stick around long enough to learn the reason. I settled on the Weather Channel.

I'm sorry but I don't understand why the news media seems to be focused on those two boys in Missouri. Yeah, it's shocking but I don't think it warrants the amount of attention. It happened, they were found, the bad guy was arrested. Move on. People have died in Missouri thanks to the ice storm. Funny, they aren't worth the media time. People have died in Iraq. Same thing.

And the morning newspaper is just about as bad.

I know, the intent is to capture an audience. Heck, I left Imus because it was clips from previous shows. The only reason I watch the guy in a cowboy hat is sometimes he is worse than me with his thinking. It's nice to know there are others. But it isn't news.

So what is news?

I guess my news would be boring. I'd strip it down to headlines. I'd have a few in depth articles that would educate people. Anyone know the real difference between Sunnis and Shias? Anyone know how much new equipment for the military is going to cost us? Anyone know that the Israelis have something that will knock down RPGs?

Don't get me started on the editorial page and the comics.

Is it any wonder I use the net more and more. I have a couple of sites on my Google home page. Newspaper headlines. Something I want to know more about and I click on it. If not I wait for the headlines to change. That's what we need, news stations with options. Newspapers with choices.

You probably wish this blog offered choices. It does. Just go to another site.

Hello, Good bye.