Wednesday, January 31, 2007

tool, ware, holy

Tool houses, and Warehouses on the Southern railroad while listening to Led Zep doing houses of the holy. Strange coincidence or just my mind making connections where none exist.

I'm tired of the daily news. I feel like covering my car with bumperstickers that reflect my disgust with the way I see the world. Conservatives are not conservative. Heck, I'm probably more conservative than the current President. Note that I did not say "my" President.

Last night someone stated that we need to increase taxes on energy and follow a Manhattan Project full- out no holes barred path to being energy independent. I think that is the MOST conservative approach proposed yet! The mid-eastern countries have us over an oil barrel and we just want more so that we can send them more money to disrupt the world. Stop buying oil. Then we can stop selling them food. What are they going to do, buy more bombs while they starve?

So I cogitate on building warehouses circa 1915. I wire tiny pieces of track. I write more words into a word processor dreaming that someone might pay me for them. I cook tasty food and try to watch the size of the portions I eat. Heck, I'm sitting in a colder home trying to save fuel. First, I'm cheap. Yeah, we're trying to cut our fuel expenses. Second, I'm trying to cut the amount of money I'm indirectly sending to Iran et al. Like they care. But if EVERYONE made an attempt maybe, just maybe, we could start making a dent. But not my neighbors! No, they have every right to drive big SUVs and crank their heat up to tropical. Amazing. They claim to be Republicans and Conservatives. Why am I the only one trying to conserve and the only one trying not to just look out for my own needs? I see them as mypoically selfish. They see me as an ass-hole liberal who loves Hillary. Funny, I don't hate her but then I don't love her either.

Hell, our dog could probably have made better decisions than some of them the current administration has made. She was smarter. She could smell danger but before she got there. And she knew when she was in trouble.