Saturday, February 17, 2007

Taken to the toolshed

OK, so it doesn't look great yet. I found the drawings for a supply shed that Southern Railway used circa 1916 according to their standards manual. I have examined the 1932 (or so) Sanborn Insurance Maps (of Bryson, NCX) and there appears to be a small shed near the tracks. It MIGHT have been one like this.

I doubt if anyone is alive that can tell me that I'm wrong. The picture doesn't show the detail very well. The sliding door has tongue and groove boards at 45 degree angles and then the frame is "over that. The windows were covered by shutters that were hinged at the top. Unless the shed was being used the shutters would be closed.

Yeah, the back wall is still being worked on and the roof hasn't been cut out yet. Technically it should be on a base that allowed circulation underneath so I need to consider that. Of course then the next dilemma is whether it was painted one of two "Southern" standard paint schemes that were changing about the time I'm modeling.

One of these days I need to figure out how to best take MACRO digital photos. The camera I have just doesn't allow me to get REAL close and what I model is SO small.

I've been busy in other arenas on the RR the past week or so.

Tonight I sauteed some Salmon after dredging in instant potato flakes. Gives a nice crust. Of course I never throw anything away so I tossed the remainder flakes into some spinach I was tossing in some butter and garlic. Added a bit of Parmesan cheese. The whole thing is so easy and quick and it almost seems like I should be in a restaurant. The hours for a restaurant chef are HORRIBLE.