Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Things change

Yesterday, blogger told me I needed to change a few things. Change. It happens. Now this blog is associated with my Google account. I guess that means that the Google boys are adding the ravings of the Nantahala to their infinite searchable data. When is too much data too much data?

In my small world I keep planting trees in the forests. There are a large number of trees in a forest, more than I ever imagined. Of course in my forest there isn't enough wood for a good fire in the fireplace much less any board feet.

Dixie Chicks won Grammys. I'd like to think it was ALL because of the music but I suspect there was an undercurrent of protest. Hey, it's not a bad album and I can't remember them mispronouncing any words or making any faux pas. Mellencamp's new album is pretty good too.

Well, now that I've put you to sleep, have a good nap.