Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Odd details

I get excited by some odd facts in life. The other day a very mundane article in one of those darn old magazines caught my attention. It ws an article about building shacks. I'm temprarily amused by what passed as a shack in the 1940's compared to what constitutes a shack today.

Another thing that I find amusing is the way some modelers model a structure without considering the use of "inside" space. This particular article was illustrated by a photo of a two story "shack." I'm sorry but I don't think the occupant levitated between floors. If you look at it the stairway "up/down" would have been so steep a ladder might have been a better choice. If you subtract the space taken by the stairwell (up and down) they lost almost as much space on the first and second floor (for the stairs) as they gained on the second floor. Net gain- nil. OK so I maybe I'm an engineer at heart.

But what excited me was the inclusion of a few facts:

very old houses have larger windows: 2'10"* 6'3" and doors 3'*7"

"modern double hung windows: 2'10"*5'2" and doors 2'10"*6'10"

Of course time is relative. The article was written in 1941.

I went to MY parts box: I've got some double hung windows: 36"*5'14" hmmmmm
factory windows: 3'8"*7'8"

Well, back to the old drawing board.