Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Started yesterday- continued today

The recent event at VPI&SU attracted "pundits" who not only talked about "gun control" but also a few who'd rather demonize Hollywood or video games. Of course all of this "posturing" is being made before we have the facts. Facts, who needs facts?

Perhaps the real problem (just another possibility, I'm not proposing an absolute) is that many of us have come to believe that we are "owed" immediate gratification. Perhaps the "shooter" wanted an immediate solution to his problem. We may never know. I do know that many pundits were quick to trot out their favorite "demons". Heck, even Franklin Graham trotted out Satan.

Could things have been done a different way? You bet but as has been pointed out this isn't a perfect world. Look at the politicians posturing from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia jetting home on the next plane to the President going to VPI&SU today. Maybe I missed it but one of the Clintons has probably commented "I feel you pain."

The whole event is horrible. There is probably no easy answer and even more disturbing no "fool-proof" way to prevent it or a similar event from happening in the future. If there is another event I have no doubt that we'll see everybody "choosing up sides and smelling armpits". The liberals will point at the conservatives and the conservatives will point at the liberals. I have no idea whether the shooter at VPI&SU was a conservative or a liberal but he got to a point where his "enemies" needed to be put in their place. And we keep doing it.

Well, the President shook hands with the first responders. How do I know? One of them (and her husband) are EMTs in Blacksburg, VA. They were there. She is the daughter of one of our neighbors. Another good friend's daughters is a student there. She was in the building next to the one where the shootings were. And today we know more about the shooter and the events. The news media is "in high cotton" and as usual I get to hear questions from reporters that make me wonder whether "lobotomy" is a prerequisite of being a reporters "on the scene." Can't they think logically?

On that topic, the world isn't safe, and will never be safe. No promises. All we can do is "hope" and some of us "pray" that we won't be bothered by a personal confrontation with that type of reality. Today (so far) over a hundred people in Iraq have died due to bombings, They didn't expect to die today either. THey might have been a bit more edgy. Damn I would if I lived over there.

It would be nice if Nancy Pelossi and the President would have a moment of silence EVERY day or week until the Iraq thing is resolved. Our soldiers are being killed and maimed over there and we've come to just expect it and yawn a bit.

OK enough soapbox.