Saturday, April 07, 2007


A great word is: titillation. I guess it tickles my fancy. Of course maybe it's the fact that it comes from the Lation word: tītillāre- to tickle.

The snow on the green leaves was sort of a tickle this AM. I'm sure that someone will write a letter to the editor somewhere and use this as "proof positive" that there is no global warming. Sad fact, based on the data it looks like there is indeed global warming. Can we blame it on the habits of humans? Maybe not conclusively but no one has put forth data that we are making it any less.

Go ahead, ask be to cut my "carbon footprint" there isn't a great deal that I can change in my life. I already combine as many trips as I can when I go out in my auto. I recycle. I try to conserve energy. OK I could cut off my blog and my internet and shut down my computer. I could watch less television. I could get a herd of goats to keep the grass trimmed. I'm not leaning toward extremes. Heck, my nextdoor neighbor doesn't even recycle his beer bottles. This discussion isn't exactly titillating is it?

Some things I read on the web are meant to be titillating. Know something? They really aren't. What I write is meant to "tickle my fancy." Self-centered? Selfish? You bet! That's the reason I can count my readers on one hand. OK one hand with a few frostbit fingers removed. I know how I could attract tons of readers. My readers would be passing my site around like free money. Sex and how to get rich schemes. Add a bit of losing weight without trying and I'd be beating away readers with a stick. Add a few YouTube videos and my ISP would be complaining.

OK I admit it. If I started writing about great sex, money making 101, and weight loss my reader base would turn negative. I'm no authority on that titillation. Maybe it doesn't tickle my fantasy.

Want to lose weight, make money, and appear to have a better sex life? Easy!

Lock yourself up in a room, write 24/7 about sex, and sell your writings on the web. In no time PayPal will be delivering buckets of money. You'll lose weight because you're spending every waking moment writing on the web. And you'll have a one track mind.

Not sure that would titillate me but hey it ain't about me, right?

My one track mind is the Murphy Branch between Balsam and Andrews, NC. That's enough excitement on my life. That's why I've given myself the titular position of "President on the N scale Murphy Branch." Now that is titillating.

Big damn giggle.