Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My life has become digital. Digital messages, digital pictures, digital words, digital music. We have a digital answering machine and a digital cell phone. Our microwave has digital chips and my auto has a digital check engine system. Maybe we have become too digital. Digital are just ons and offs- yeses or nos. We've taken a digital position on the war- its either yes or no though we'd rather pretend it's red state or blue state though the digital talking heads drive the point home with a digital liberal or conservative.

Last week Jerry Falwell died. Folks responded in typical digital fashion splitting into saved or sinner, heaven or hell. For some he was the answer for others he was nothing like the answer. Digital yes or no. Choose up sides.

What's my favorite digital children's story? It would have to be The Three Bears. Momma Bear could be the on or off while poppa bear is the opposite. Poor baby bear hasn't matured yet. Everything is just right to the bruin tyke. He'll learn. My soup is too cold or it's too hot. Too much salt or not enough.

The album I'm listening too right now gets switched, too many lyrics that say nothing and a melody line that bores me. I cure that with the push of a button. Digital selection.

Even my railroad has two rails and two directions. Left or right, east or west. No one sits still on a railroad track. Choose a direction or get run over.

Is a grease spot just a shade of grey? My life resembles the Extension StumbleUpon. I like it or I don't. The object is not to enjoy the nuance. No you must make a choice and keep moving.

Maybe life just boils down to a stream of yeses, one right after the other. And finally comes to no choices. On and then off. Pretty digital. No it's not. Pretty digital implies gradients. It's just Digital.

Or not.