Tuesday, June 19, 2007


That might be the proper word. It might not. I’ve been thinking about a problem I brought on myself a couple of years ago. Imagine a blind man attempting to solve Rubik’s Cube. That’s me.

A year ago or so, I bought a book at the used book store. I had a credit there and felt a bit flush. It’s like fake money on my tab. A book caught my attention: A River Sutra by Gita Mehta. There is a Rivers and Mountains sutra and I knew this was not the same. I cheated; I read the back liner.

As usual I got home and the book got propped on a shelf in the library. It sat there and I found other things to read. I picked it up three days ago. I read it and it captured my imagination and my time. It's really a VERY good book. Sure I even recommend it on its own merit.

Two hundred and fifty some pages into the book I came across this quote:

“Such people are like water flowing water through our lives little brother. We learn something from the encounter, then they are gone. We never find them again.”

That is the answer I’d been looking for. So simple. Serendipity? You tell me.