Monday, June 04, 2007

What does that indicate

This morning I noticed that I'd saved about 50 pictures from Flickr to my folder that I use for my screensaver that Google provides. These pictures are typically high pixel pictures. So what you ask?

Well, having about fifty it was easy to browse through them, categorize them and toss some jelly on the wall and see what sticks. I figured I might be able to see what things I gravitate toward. This is in no way scientific or accurate. It might have some passing interest.

First I noted that they were all in color. Heck even a picture of an old PRR steam locomotive in Bayhead, New Jersey was in color!

About 8% were train oriented.
20% had mountains in them.
15% were of sky,clouds, and storms
12% were what I'll term landscapes
10% were artistic
6% were of flowers
2% were animals or birds
10% were of a Buddhist slant
25% were sort of scattered in many directions.

So I guess I'm a guy who has his head stuck in the clouds, has a thing for mountains, likes to see trains in the landscape, appreciates other artists, and doesn't mind stopping to smell the occasional flower though he has to meditate about it.

Hmmm, no food, no guns, no dead animals. No army stuff or blood and gore splashed on the screen. No old movie stars, blues players, musical instruments or OB-GYN pictures.

Just an old guy playing with his trains.