Friday, June 08, 2007

Where is reality?

Just a few minutes ago I added a link to the local newspaper. You'd think I did this years ago. For more than fifty years I've read the newspaper. It's a habit. It is a comfortable habit. First thing in the morning, read what was in the news last night before I went to bed; I can read the comments of my fellow citizens and smirk because I think I'm so much smarter.

But that "news" is on-line. Hmm can I appease my appetite for old news and save money? For two weeks I'm going to try. Stay tuned.

And my scant collection of photographs gleaned from Flicr is growing. Right now I have more pictures on my hard drive than get cycled during my "screen-saver" period. What I've discerned though is that "I suspect" that many of those photos have been manipulated with programs like Adobe Photoshop. Yes, I'm guilty of that at times, usually to define a small detail of a model railroad project but what we're seeing isn't always the "true" reality.

So I'm looking more and more through the lens of the web. But isn't that what we really do when we read a book or listen to a story. I force my foods through a lens and out pops what I like to think is more edible. We all are guilty of looking through various lens at life.