Friday, July 27, 2007

Round and round she goes, where she stops...

One must consider the implications of pausing for a moment to reflect. The universe does not pause with you. It is like the bulls at Pamplona. Depending on when and where you pause it could hang you up on the horns of a real dilemma. Oh Bull! I’m just having fun!

To put you in my sphere right now, I’m listening to some ancient Carlos Santana. I have no idea what the Spanish lyrics say or even what they imply. A friend sent me a quote the other day about “broken light.” I was mortified. I couldn’t think of a quick scholarly reply. OK, that’s not true. I wasn’t exactly mortified. I just paused. Just for a second. It did remind me of some obscure quote that I held for a second or two back when I was a pseudo student. I couldn’t remember who said it. I couldn’t remember the exact words. It was when I was wrapped up in things too philosophical for my own good. So last night I scratched my self in many places and went hunting.

Here it is from the dusty vaults: "Speech is but broken light upon the depth of the unspoken." George Eliot.

Why the heck would that one stick in the twists and turns? For me it was a bit reminiscent of “the peace that passes all understanding” in that it in my thought came at things from the other side.

Is it too early in the morning for me to babble like this? Sure it is but as I type it’s getting later. For me back then I decided that “the peace” the inner feeling that we might experience under the right conditions, cannot be expressed (completely) with language. My vocabulary being slightly different from yours and my experience being slightly different too. But that was about the time I was sitting on mountaintops and came up with my own idea of “Now is a fast past.” (Don’t tell anyone but that was the quote in the front of the notebook I dragged up to find the George Eliot quote. Packrat that I am.)

So I acknowledge the writings and thinking of a friend. I acknowledge the deep sharing.

And that reminds me. No one questioned the mental map I drew the other day. Most (remember I said most) of the places can be found on a map though you might need a topo map. You, gentle reader, just assumed I’m an expert cartographer who’d never pull your leg. Amazing thing though! That plume at Andrews’ Geyser is almost in direct alignment with the fictional. Which reminds me. I think Andrews’s Geyser has been relocated since the 1880’s. Heck, I think they’ve moved it since the first time I saw it from the train going from Asheville to Greensboro circa 1969! Note to self, drag out the topo maps, the old photographs and start looking for brain cells that might hold the memory image.

Can you tell my first task this AM was to deal with the calcium deposits that our toilet had accreted?