Sunday, August 05, 2007

the contour

The contour of the beach has changed a bit this year. The drop at low tide is a bit steeper. No big deal. It's just apparent.

Other passing probably change but not enough to be earth shaking. A new life guard. Expected. The A&P seems to have hired a few eastern european students fot the summer. Heavy people still shuffle acros the highway to the ice cream shop. This year they sing as they scoop the flavors. A new schtick to attract folks. Ducks swim the lagoon looking for children tossing bits of bread. Of course I laughed at some goofy kid wading into the surf holding a cell phone to his ear encased in a plastic bag. "Can you hear me now." He didn't test a big wave.

The wind shifted during the night from the south to the north.

Change just happens.