Monday, August 13, 2007

Draw a line

Folks keep saying "draw a line in the sand." Perhaps this is just a rock with a line drawn in it. I've positioned a rosewood Hotei laughing in the background along with a paper weight of a bonsai tree.

I hauled that rock out of the Wyoming Wind River Range, slogging through about eight inches of snow. I was much younger. Darn, it's nearly forty years ago. I'll bet I'd be huffing and panting if I was at those altitudes today.

I'd heard about the mountains having jade. I've always been interested in rocks. The technical word for a person with "rocks in their head" is geologist. I'm an amateur "geologist."

I found this rock (as I recall) up near a location known as "Island Lake." An amateur "geographer" might clarify my true location. My friends thought I was a bit of a "lun" (not a loon as an amateur ornithologist might suggest) and heck they weren't even "astronomers" or "psychlogists".

Are you beginning to get the gist of this entry?

They thought I was daft when I made my pack heavier as we went rather than lighter. I came back with rocks and a couple of horse shoes. As I recall a few blisters too but I lost those long ago. AS you can see I've still got the rock.

I didn't see any other rocks in the area with the same line of minerals. I guess it was placed there by some long gone glacier. And I scooped it up and dragged it across the country. This past week I grabbed a couple of smooth quartz rocks on the Jersey shore. I guess I like rocks. Maybe they give me a temporary sense of holding onto something more permanent.

Git er done (day two).