Saturday, August 25, 2007


Starting the day with electrical projects of all sorts.

Shocked? Probably not.

While we were in NJ the light in our storage room decided to give up the ghost. So yesterday I bought a box of replacement light bulbs. You can never have enough light bulbs. If you don't you'll be like me; I had to go buy some. And so bright eyed and bushy tailed I finished my morning coffee, watched CNN and saw that the tornado in Michigan was some distance from our son up there. I trotted to the basement for my first foray into Electricity 101. Got the ladder, swapped the bulbs and nothing. Oh darn. So I removed the fixture and had to work on the ballast. Hung the light and voila light. Next.

Next was my endless search for a home built resistance soldering unit. (Railroad of course). I had been to the store and bought a battery charger (6v 6A- as if you really care) hooked it up to the unit I'd bought and once more muttered "Nada." Pulled out my meter. Tested it. It is producing very little current. Back it goes!

It's getting over 100 degrees here today, so they say, so I've checked the AC and the drain lines just to be sure there are no surprises. Tomorrow there is a chance of storms so I'll check the gutters so I don't catch grief from a certain someone for slogging out into a storm with a metal ladder. Not the type of electrical project I should work on. Only thing left is the oven. After a storm the other night I noticed it doesn't heat right. I suspect the control circuit board didn't survive. Even with a whole house surge protector.

Git er done.