Wednesday, August 29, 2007

You knew it was coming, right?

How does a spider know how to spin a web? I guess if I happened to be a spider I'd know to make one line between two point. After that though the questions begin.

Spiders spin webs for one reason: food collection. And yet if you look at a web there is a certain structure and geometry.

Think about it. They have to find the right location. It's not like they can stand back at a distance, survey the landscape and pick a good location. They didn't go to school. They didn't take Web 101.

A web must be constructed so that it can take the stress of wind, weather, and a snagged morsel of food. The spider doesn't have CAD plans to follow. A spider hasn't made engineering calculations. A spider needs to spin a strong web and capture food as fast as possible. Heck, they don't even pretend to be artists who are making webs to express themselves or for posterity.

Pretty amazing.

Tangled webs we weave and all of that.

But then it's all about intersections, right?"

Git er done.