Tuesday, June 16, 2009


One must make choices. I was editing an article for a newsletter.

There is no need to wonder why I made the choice to help someone with a newsletter related to model railroading. I did. I made a choice.

For the last "issue" I tried to make choices that would make someone else's writing intelligible. I made choices to correct spelling and grammar. I made choices to allow the reading audience a chance to understand. I even took out some statements that might have made a reader think the modeler was an eight year old. My thanks?

WEll it seems the author thinks I took out all of his personality. Maybe I did. How was I to know he wanted to be seen as an uneducated mediocre modeler. Stupid me. I made a choice. And now the "editor" makes another choice- in the next issue he wants to publish the same author without editing. He's making a choice.

Now I'm sitting on a choice. Do I want to have my name associated with this publication as an editor?

Guess which way I'm leaning?