Friday, June 26, 2009

Hot and humid

Last winter we would have liked a day like today. Today I might enjoy a day like some we had last winter. Funny what a difference a few months can make in the weather.

But with HVAC life is tolerable.

I had a chance this week to drop a few pounds since I wasn't cooking meals every night. I didn't. As far as I know I didn't gain any weight so that's good.

The choir party that was scheduled for tomorrow night was canceled since not enough members were available (interested?) Learned this late this after noon when I checked the choir member's email since she is not due back in town until tomorrow afternoon. So the "chef" is off the hook for the "bring something". So I have more time to clean up the homefront.

So tonight I can kick back and watch terrible tv or read a book. Or read a terrible book or watch anything other than the news.

In Buddhism there is the concept of "suffering." Amazing! Twenty five hundred years before tv they talked about suffering.