Friday, June 19, 2009

Over the edge

It would be easy to blame it on the weather. It's not. Maybe it's my diet. I doubt it.

Last night I was congratulating myself on some fairly nice domes on my N scale steam locomotive. I'd found plans for a locomotive that were published in 1956. Most of the locomotives of this class were razor blades long before I needed to shave. I took the plans ran them through Photoshop and then started measuring the plans. I set up a spreadsheet and made conversions to actual dimensions and then took those to N scale. That probably sounds like a long way around the elbow but trust me. It works. Of course the domes were .23 inches in diameter and in the neighborhood of .161 high and needed the base shaped to properly seat on the boiler but I like a challenge.

But I was sitting here looking at the plans and noted the pipes that took water from the tender and "injected" it into the boiler. When I started the process I thought no one would notice that the location and shaping of the pipes was incorrect but they were too noticeable last night. So they got cut off.

A new challenge. Tonight I spent too much time soldering small (very small) lengths of brass wire together. .12 inches and .14 inches -end to end. Hard to believe that was the easy part. I had to file the .14 piece to the correct profile of a check valve. See the edge yet?

Then I had to solder .12 to the 12 but at right angles and in the proper location to seat in holes already in the boiler. Of course I also had to bend the .12 at the correct locations to make it look like the one on the locomotive. An hour or so later (or so being the operative words) I was fitting everything before fastening with a bit of Superglue smaller than the point of a needle.

Looking at it shows that it is pretty close- not perfect- but close. But I'm now pretty sure that when modelers start doing things like this they are going over the edge.