Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday update

Even Shine on you crazy diamond – changes.

Subtle differences can be heard between the various recordings. The song always seems to make me pause in thought if just for a second. I think it is because deep down the song expresses loss. For me loss is a hard thing to acknowledge and an even harder thing to express. The word stoic comes to mind.

I just smiled. It’s hard to understand why we dip so far back into history- heck to Greek ancient history for labels. Stoic. Cynic. Platonic. Skeptic. And at the same instant I can’t think of the comparable in Eastern thought. That just goes to prove I have so much more to learn or unlearn.

Instead of learning I crank up my music player of choice and listen to David Gilmour.

This AM I visited with a long time friend. His mother died at 5 AM. Last week she was riding around on her scooter checking her flower beds. Change.

Speaking of changes. I continue to work on my miniature steam locomotive rebuild. Here is a photo. That dome on the left (steam dome) is .161 inches tall. And those red bands are known as “boiler bands”. I’m making the various and sundry parts. I’m just a little crazy- you ought to see real model railroad nuts.