Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hate Dell

I've been working with computers for a few years. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly. I've now seen the abomination.

I'm visiting my in laws. My father in law bought a Dell 305 All in one printer. He is not a heavy user. So I noticed the "low ink message."

With his other printer he bought a Universal Refill kit on the advice of a friend. I decided to be a nice son in law. I checked the net found someone say where in a Series 9 cartridge (black) to punch the hole. Did that and filled it.

But it still gets a low ink message.

AS I said, I've been around for a while- my first printer was a dot matrix without descenders. A firected up the search engines.

Abomination! Sign of the beast is not 666 it is 305!

Dell in it's infinite desire to boost profits and drive off repeat customers has buried a chip in the ink cartridges, You can refill to your heart's content but apparently only an act of God can undo the Satanic designs of Dell. By the way the Dell is apparently a Lexmark in sheeps' clothing so a pox on Lexmark too.

If any one knows a group of nefarious hackers with white hats who have figured out how to reset the "damn" chip I'd love to know.

I'll also mention they bury printer stuff down in the Registry as if registry wasn't already top heavy enough.

AS for me the next time I buy ANY product I'm going to think LONG AND HARD before I buy ANY Dell or Lexmark product. What Michael Dell isn't rich enough? Maybe someone can hack into his bank account and fix it so he always sees a "low money" warning! It would serve him right!