Sunday, January 22, 2006


You never can tell what will cause a thought. I'm bouncing through the channels and find myself on CMT. I have nothing against country music. At times, it is just the ticket.

The image shifts and there is Dolly Parton. I don't care whether you think of her as a voice, a personality, or a woman with larger than life attributes. She began singing John Lennon's tune- Imagine.

Juxtaposed with footage of Dolly singing and other people singing the lyrics were brief little film snipets of John Lennon. There's something about seeing him so many years ago with his words echoing in the present that makes me feel more than I really want to feel. Sadness at something and someone missing.

Years after the Beatles I find that I identify most with John. Maybe it is his promise and his unrealized promise.I listened to their music. I wasn't one of those die-hard fans. I just listened to their music. But John missing and his images do more to me and for me than the missing George or the survivors.

Dolly's video brought all of that home this morning. Maybe it was just Lennon's lyrics of Imagine juxtaposed with Dolly.