Thursday, February 16, 2006

Norwegian would (Part 1)

You know the line: “I once knew a girl, or should I say, she once knew me.” That lyric bounced into my mind from left field as I was watching the news. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know, Happenstance?

Down the road a piece live a few friends. Of course if you live in these parts everyone is a friend unless you declare otherwise. Dicky “Footincrap” is a good example. He’s just an angry old man. That’s another story for another time and place. Back to those friends up the hill. Again, don’t ask me why but theyt bring to mind “Revelation.”

Revelation. The dream that so many folks think is reality. It’s not but that’s beither here nor there or anywhere in between.

First horseman was on a white horse and he was wearing a crown and carrying a bow. There is lots of wiggle room on that one. Why we could say that anybody carrying a bow is an Indian. As for that crown make it a man or a woman, a king or a queen. And as for a white horse well mythology is full of white things, gorses included.

Then we get to the person on the red horse. Carrying a sword. Everybody know that swords are nothing more than shiny sharpened phallic symbols.

And that there black horse well for some reason barren fields and unfair trade come to mind.

Finally, we get the Pale horse and even Clint Eastwood identified this as death.

So what has that got to do with anything around these parts?

There is this family over the ridge. A strange lot they are. Oh, they are nice enough but if I had my druthers, I’d be holding firm to my family jewels if I needed to go up there to borrow a cup of sugar. For sure.

Pappy Grinboy is dead. He left this life a couple of years ago. I understand that before he had children he was just a good old boy. Turns out he wanted a son and all he could hatch with the Missus was girl childs. Put him in a pickle. Said it was “Frenchie’s falt.

Frenchie is his wife. Well, technically she WAS his wife. For an old lady she’s got a lot going for her. Heck, even the boys down at the local high school talk about her good looks. That’s a vote of confidence.

Frenchie and Pappy they had two daughters. And what daughters they are. Unfortunately, there’s a dark side.

Anyway, Frenchieand her two daughters moved in with the friends of the first daughter.

The first daughter is a real looker. Got herself raven black hair and a smile that would make Silly Putty stand up, if you get my drift. Second daughter looks almost as good and she can tell a joke.

Anyway, these three women decided after Pappy up and died that they needed to get out into the world. That is when they took up with Baddy Sprinkles and his hot wife Lola. Lola is a few years younger than hubby so rather than go out with a coronary he decided that he’d introduce her to Frenchie and the crew.

Are you beginning to get the drift?