Thursday, November 09, 2006

A brief glimpse of life

This AM I opened the windows. Why not it was warmer outside than it was inside.

Got a call from someone in Florida in a Home Depot asking for information on the grills they were looking at. With the net I was able to give them product reviews, a list of OTHER stores and locations that sold better grills. It really is amazing to me how with a cell phone and the net life changes. It is well anchored as part of my life. Right now I'm listening to streaming audio from some other part of the world. I found myself looking for pictures of the old foot stools they used to use on passenger trains since I was thinking about mking one from some extra plywood I have.

Today I was "reconstructing" (correction- making correctly) a return air duct that some contractor installed years ago. I found "screws" that were supposed to hold it in place. Bozo! THey never realized that the screw was half inch long and the wood was an inch and a half away! No wonder the duct shifted. Of course while I was there I was sealing it correctly and I might as well clean it. And the grill needed to be spray painted. And the slight crack in the plaster needed repair. And then some nearby wood molding needed repair. Amazing how I can start something small and just keep going.

And elections are finally settling down. I'm happy to report that Jim Webb (a fellow fiction writer) has won in Virginia. His competition tried to smear him with some passages from some novels he wrote decades ago. Didn't really work. Odd, the competition NEVER mentioned that the novel in question has been called the BEST Vietnam novel yet and John McCain wrote a blurb about how good it is.

If I ever get published I'll have to worry about some person trying to use my words against me. No wonder this particular Republican believed there were weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq just like Bush said, he doesn't know the difference between fact and fiction! Long live fiction writers.