Tuesday, January 23, 2007


That's not exactly correct. It is a throttle. It takes the power FROM a tranformer, modifies it and sends it to the track.

At first I thought I'd crossed a wire somewhere underneath my scenery. Then after Troubleshooting 101 I determined that it was something feeding the track. THe long and the short of it is a DPST electrical switch on the throttle. Sigh. Now to figure out whether the switch is faulty, the solder joint after 20+ years is failing or some other silly thing. I built the throttle. Think I could find the schematics? Not if my life depends on it. I save a buck or so not boarding it. It looks like a rat's nest of wires.

I'm an expert at shooting myself in the foot. Sometimes it just takes years.

Tore into the first 200 pages of my book. A few things need attention. My writing partner agrees. It would have been much nicer if she'd said "it's better than any other book out." Right. And I'm not holding my breath.

Listening to a streaming radio station broadcasting "classic." THat reminds me- I was in the hobby shop today. On the shelf was a model of a "modern coaling facility." What the heck is that? When was the last time they built a new locomotive coaling facility? Probably before I was born. That must mean I'm modern too. Can't wait for the space age.

Boring, right?