Friday, March 30, 2007

Gotta look

I've been standing on the edge of wooden cliffs (so to speak) and working on Nantahala. It would help to examine old photographs a bit closer. Looks like I might have to blow a mountain to get the old depot in a "proper" photographic representation. That's some time off so for right now I might just avoid putting a forest there.

A friend sent me more than a big buch of old model railroad magazines. Four big boxes. The USPS guy probably hopes I move to another route. Right now I'm just glancing through a couple of old issues now and then. Interesting to see what has changed since 1943. Back then they even were building models of tanks and airplanes. Ads for joining the service too. Can't remember the military recruiting in current model railroad magazines. Seems like folks with good mechanical ability and spatial acuity would be in demand.

Planted a few things yesterday. Maybe I'll get some hot peppers the squirrels will ignore. It might be a few weeks too early for Basil. Now the weather pronosticator is talking about cold weather next week. Just what I need if seeds poke through. It is nice not to jump into a cold bed the last couple of nights.

Late enough that I can head upstairs and read something.