Thursday, September 13, 2007


I guess it's only appropriate. Bring in the heavy equipment.

I was merrily trying to get a locomotive running the other night. One thing led to another and I started looking closely. A could of the rails were out of alignment by maybe a couple hundredths of an inch. JUst enough to cause problems with one locomotive and at certain speeds.

Unfortunately (as things usually happen) this location is about the worst one that I have to deal with. To duplicate the scenery of the Cowee Tunnel area the track curves back behind a "mountainside." It's also on the lower level so I have to contort my body into a pretzel, stand on a platform I built and hunch over in my own light to use a soldering iron while in a bad position with no clearance. You'd think I'd learn. Oh the aches and pains.

One thing led to another. That's par for the course too.

Yesterday, I was out in the yard and heard quite a ruckus down the hill. No I haven't left my track work issue.
I'm talking about geography. So I peered through the trees on the lot behind our house. Construction trucks. That lot has been unbuilt on for the whole twenty-five years plus we've lived here. It's a big hill (just like the one I'm leaning over in my railroad world. A steep drop off toward a creek and a road at the bottom. Just like a mountainside. The reason no one has ever considered it boils down to making a profit. Now the equation has changed. Four houses total.

So the heavy equipment is starting with the creek and later they'll be cutting into the hillside. My guess is they clear cut a lot of trees. We'll get more north wind.

So transition back to the railroad. I'm bringing in heavy equipment. I've decided to take out a section of track and rebuild it. Seems like a lot of work. I just hope it alleviates my problems. Back to pretzel mode.

Git er done.