Thursday, January 24, 2008

Things go better with...

I think I’ll stumble today. Not many folks start their day with that thought. I’ve been looking at System Theory for a few hours this week. Now there is a whole new universe where stumbling might just be the result of studying.

We have so many systems. I take that back. Many of us are involved in so many systems. Political systems. Religious systems. Social systems. Family systems. Entertainment systems. Food systems. You name it; it is probably a system or it is the result of a system.

A system is an “entity” that maintains and allows access to a semblance of organization in the face of change from within or without.

Say what?

OK a food system. You know jump in the mode of transportation and go hunting. Most of us no longer carry a spear. No we just carry money or a plastic card and we go down to the local watering hole. Round here that might be a ghetto WalMart but you get the idea: a grocery store or a fast food emporium.

Shhhh, don’t scare the game away.

Look! There! Over to the right. A green pepper. It might be out of season but that one is straight out of Florida. Grab it quick!

And on around the plethora of the watering hole filling the shopping cart.

We have a system for food. It’s organized. It bring food to a neighborhood near you. And it presents an organization of food even if there is a freeze down south or a drought out west. Yum yum.

Go home and toss a blob of crushed wheat in the oven surmounted by tomatoes, spices and cheese. After the first nosh of pizza- think of the other systems.

Now for a surprise. Maybe it’s the ingestion of Basil!

Is television offering us a religious system? Oh no. I’m over the edge.

Come on isn’t it? Don’t turn to page 33 in your Hymnal, no turn to cable channel 84. Let’s watch the news.

We don’t listen to priests chant prayers and benedictions any more. No we hear them say, “What’s in your wallet.” Or maybe “Allstate is on your side.” Think for a minute. I’ll bet you agree with me. In your life which have you heard more often: “You deserve a break today.” Or “Jesus loves you.”? Which one do more people have “faith” in?

Rapaport defines a system as an "entity which can maintain some organization in the face of change from within or without."

And before I stumble off into the darkness as fast as I can go:

Typically a system is shaped by it’s actions. Which has better “attendance” today- mainstream churches or television?

I’ll read your reply later. There is a show coming on I need to catch.