Sunday, February 17, 2008

Momma mia

Admission- I've been missing in action. That's not true. I'm not missing and I'm not around great venues of action. To almost sound railroad-esque- I've been sidetracked. I've just been busy doing other things. Baking lots of bread. I have a recipe that is fool-prof for me though some folks have taken a try and seem to knead help. I don't get it. It's one recipe that I've been faithfully following. I haven't made any changes. I've been mulching many of the leaves that I raked aside in the autumn. I've been working on models and I've been studying the French country-side in preparation for a visit next autumn. I've done lots of other insignificant stuff too. Heck, I even watched the neighbor's dog this weekend. She reminds me why I don't want to get another dog. (Not my neighbor! Their dog!)

And I'm designing some cabinets that I hope to get cranking on in the near future. The workshop is too cold to be conducive to desire standing on a cold concrete floor. So I design. I have been given my assignment and must craft them to perfection. We still have only received one or two dustings of snow. I miss it but I don't miss it. They were working on the "real" railroad last week. I spent an hour or so watching a veritable parade of machines pull spikes, pull tie plates, rip ties out the side of the ballast. Then other machines collected the old ties, set new ties for another machine to slip back under the rail. Etc. etc. Pretty amazing. For over an hour the machines went by one after the other. By the time they were through I'd watched lots of times get replaced. Not like the old track gangs.

Heck, I even voted in a primary. I fear that the candidate I voted for won. Not a good sign. typically I vote for the loser. I told one lady in line ahead of me that what she was telling another person was a blatant lie. Perhaps I need to get an absentee ballot in the real election. Hmm, I wonder, if I have a permit can I take a gun to the polling place?

Time to go check a recipe I'm concocting. Nope, not another loaf of bread. A soup for later this week.

get er done. (as they say.)