Friday, June 27, 2008

Another day but not another dollar

A hot droplet of moisture rolls slowly down his back. Monk Ki suddenly acquires the mental image of a marble rolling through a Godberg-esque construction. “Ah what a Rube.” He proclaims out loud and tries to dismiss the image.

Sitting completely still is a challenge after nearly twenty years. He would consider it a challenge but it is not that either. Count your breath. He starts over at one.

Master Ho Ha is on sabbatical if Buddhist monks can technically take sabatical. In Britain perhaps it would just be “on holiday” but even that might be a misnomer since it isn’t a holy day. He’s really just escaping the carping of Monk Ki.

Monk Ki looks up toward the sky. A cloud or two might be interesting. Everything is interesting to Monk Ki. This week alone an article on some poor woman who scratched her scalp so much that she scratched through to her brain (New Yorker Magazine) too center stage for a few minutes. Reading about the “porosity” of various types of insulation was another time stealer. He even worked on his writing when it was a distraction from something else he should be doing.

Some people even find the time to write entries in a blog. Imagine that!

One. Inhale. Two. Exhale.

The cycle begins again.