Saturday, July 05, 2008

Beauty is in the I of the beholder

I got up early this morning. I just couldn't sleep. So I tip-toed out and got the morning newspaper. Yes, we still get it. It's a habit. I'm not sure why I read it. It's not that informative, I disagree with the editorial page and the news is about 12 hours old. But having little to do except another cup of coffee I was looking at sections I normally would recycle without a second thought.

I wonder why real estate people feel the need to add their pictures to their advertisements. I find it odd. I don't care what the employees in a fast food place or a grocery store look like and they touch the food I put in my mouth. So why do the real estate folks think their images are a selling point.

Their faces stare out at me. Don't look at the house. Look into my eyes. You are getting very sleepy and you want to pay my commission. In my humble opinion none of the women are stunning and none of the men handsome. Don't get me wrong, I'd go to religious services with them, I'd be glad to have them as neighbors. Heck, I'd probably have them as friends. I wouldn't go out of my way though to seek them out.

I'm not in the market to buy or sell a home or house. If that was my intent though I wouldn't pick my agent by looks. "Gee dear, not enough eye shadow; I can't give you the listing." "Hey bud, if you were fifty pounds lighter I might give you a whack at selling my house but forget it."

And those faces stare back at me in the light after dawn.

One of the house listings doesn't show a house. It shows the sign for the neighborhood. My guess is that it must be a real fixer upper. Maybe it's a small house, real small, behind the sign.

I think Wally world needs to start putting the pictures of their "greeters" in the newspaper. If it works for the real estate folks think what it could do for a big box store. Yep, and the marketing folks could try different clothing options. That lady who checks me out at the membership club- not only would she not be hot in a bathing suit- I'd probably stop going there.

Hmmm, maybe the real estate folks should sell at the big box stores. They could give folks a real deal on say six homes at once. That would jump start the economy and those real estate folks could get jobs at the membership clubs. Of course the make-up industry might suffer.